Changing border color on  image

To change the color of the border on an image.
  1. Click on the image so the 4 corner tags appear.
  2. Right click on the image.  Dialog box will appear, select 'Image Properties'.
  3. Image Properties dialog box will appear with tabs (options) available at the top of box.
  4. Click on Border tab, there will be several items to complete.
  5. Border Width:  Select option from drop-down menu.  Also, complete the box to the immediate right to select pixels or percentage.
  6. Border Style:  Select style from drop-down menu.
  7. Select the color from the Swatches or create your own from the color selector and slider.
  8. Select Ok

To learn more about how to use the color selector, please visit:  Using the Color Selector

The border of your image will now be the newly selected color.