Using Percentage for Width in Tables

When working in tables, we recommend using percentages to set the width and height for Cells as well as the Table Width and Height.

Why percentages?   When you use percentages, their screen size will automatically adjust.    Let's say your table has these settings:
Table width:  100%
Three cells in the table:   Cell One 50%, Cell Two 25% and Cell Three is 25%.

When a visitor views your web site on a 17 inch monitor, it will be 100% of the screen width of your web site.  Should they switch to a 27 inch monitor, it will be at 100% of the screen width of your web site.

If you set the Table Width or Cell Width's to pixels, it's fixed width.  Meaning that no matter what size monitor, it will remain the same width.  

See Tables section in the KnowledgeBase for more information.