Page Does Not Exist Message (404 error)

A ‘Page Does not Existing (404 Error Message) is a message a web site viewer will receive when they attempt to access a web site page within the site that no longer exists. Either the server could not find what was requested, the page was removed, or it was configured not to fulfill the request and not reveal the reason why. When this occurs a 404 Not Found Error message is delivered to the viewer.

The ‘Page Does Not Exist Message’ web page provides the ability to customize the message while keeping the look of the site instead of the browser’s default 404 Not Found page. Customizing this page keeps viewers on the site.

  1. Roll mouse over Pages, select Page Manager.
  2. Page Manager dialog box will appear. Right click on the page labeled ‘404’ under the Hidden folder.
  3. Select ‘Edit’ from the drop down menu.
  4. Select ‘OK’
  5. The 404 (Page Does Not Exist) web page is open to edit and add the customize content. Here are a few suggestions:
  • Be short, friendly and precise
  • Have focus
  • Font size bigger than normal
  • An apology is ok
  • Suggest the possible causes of the error (page moved, removed page)
  • Suggest how to proceed
  • A link to the home page
  • A short message is always enough.

Here are a few sample messages (please review with the legal team before using):

Example One
: You’ve requested a page, either by typing a URL directly into the address bar or clicked on an out-of-date link/bookmark that is not available. Please visit the other areas of our web site.

Example Two: This page cannot be found. The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporary unavailable.

Example Three: Our apologies, the page you requested cannot be displayed.