4.34 (Released 11/25/2010)
  1. Fix page properties for link type of external link to accept url's with GET parameters.
  1. Fix it so application content is loaded after the edit area content completes loading.
  2. make it so the user style editor re-sizes properly after making changes to the font size.
  3. Make it so the mail merge field selector re-sizes properly.
  4. Fix file name strings before doing a file or image upload do it doesn't contain troublesome characters like parentheses, apostrophes etc. 
  5. Add double click operation to the application selector.
  6. Make is so external link pages handle special characters like ? and & properly.
  7. Add feature the will display the colors used in a templates stylesheet when showing the large template icon.
  8. Add feature that will let users search for a template by color
  9. The calendar application now has a "No End Date" feature for recurring events.
  10. Application specific Advanced styles not work correctly.
  11. The user can get to their statistics from the site menu.
  12. The user can open the my.webblake.com control panel under the Admin menu.
  13. Insert row works correctly even if there isn't a space in the currently selected cell.
  14. The calender application now display the session time zone in edit mode.
  15. The user can change the session time zone under the admin screen.
  16. Recurring events in the calendar are adjusted for daylight savings time etc.
  17. Images that are part of an email sent to Outlook used to take time to show the proper size. There is now a work-around of this Microsoft bug.
  18. Add full justification format option.
  19. Add ability to insert an horizontal rule.
  20. Add ability to add H1-H6 tags

4.33 (Released 10/30/2010) 
  1. Fix problem where inserting Active HTML with CDATA tags break the active HTML application.
  2. Fix problem where URL and other information that can be included the history causes the save operation to fail.
  3. The form properties dialog box now includes the notification subject field.
  4. Site not automatically get subscribe and confirm pages/applications the first time a message is create and a form using a list is created.
  5. The heartbeat is monitored and the use is notified if they lose their Internet connection. There is now a little heart that changes between red and blue with each heartbeat. Clicking on this heart will show the heartbeat and queue status.
  6. resizing operation for stylesheet dialog box works correctly.
  7. stylesheet dialog box now show the correct style when first opened.
  8. Database rollup with eliminate many database initialization problems.
  9. Double click operations on many list boxes including open site and page manager.
  10. Many fields will now support auto complete.
  11. Fixed problem with remove formatting.
  12. Fixed problem when applying a style from the style dropdown over an area that already has discrete styles applied.
  13. Make more and nicer icons available to many applications.
  14. Update the look with new icons. Most menu operations also have an associated icon.
  15. Add countdown timer application. It counts down days,hour,minutes and second to a specified target da
  1. Fix color picker in advanced style editor.
  2. Fix problem with progress bar going to 110%.
  3. Fix Podcast publish date.
  4. Option to disable CAPTCHA in blog.
  5. Enforce Apple rules for podcast to get listed in the iTunes store.
  6. Show the user suggested limits for title, description and keywords inside page properties. Display how many characters and keywords the user has entered.
  7. Feature that allow mobile phone to get automatically redirected to a different site.
  8. Note placed on template examples to clarify that they are just examples.
  9. Fix problem with background attachment property in the advanced style editor
  10. Make it so a page can contain more than one video application without them starting automatically
  11. Add jQuery to published site to make javascript more cross platform compliant.
  12. Make the large image handler use jQuery to determine the scroll bar location so click/slideshow will be centered properly in Chrome and Safari
  13. Add system to schedule and run a vacuum on the eSplashWorks database after the user logs out of eWebSplash.

  1. Make it so paste operations into the WYSIWYG editor in applications only pastes the plain text instead of HTML. This is to avoid the infamous Microsoft Round Trip HTML issues.
  2. Fix problem where border color dialog generates an error and doesn't load the swatches properly.
  3. Make is so the first single click in the color picker works correctly.
  4. Grey out OK and Cancel button once someone initiates a site open operation.
  5. Make it so close operations are queued so the application doesn't close before all the pending changes are saved.
  6. Make the edit/add event dialog box doesn't take up as much height so it fits on smaller screens.
  7. Get rid of redundant LoadHTML call in ApplicationProcessor so applications don't show warning messages.
  8. Finish up and clean up advanced style editor. Make sure only styles that have actually changed get the custom flag set.
  9. Fix problems where image types other that GIFs and JPEGs where causing the client to hang.
  10. Improvements to form application.
  11. Make it so the progress bar for open,publish and preview start to display status sooner so the user doesn't think the system is hung.

  1. Advanced large image handler will allow slide show, printing and download.
  2. Large image handler dynamically expands image from its location on the page to the center of the page.
  3. The ability to set the icons used for the large image handler.
  4. The ability to set the icons used in the shopping cart and  catalog.
  5. The ability change the text used in the shopping cart and catalog such as buy, remove, update quantities and checkout.
  6. Ability to change icons used by the podcast/audio on demand application.
  7. User style editor allow the end user to modify their style sheet and add new styles.
  8. New color picker that supports user defined swatches.
  9. WYSIWYG Editing in product catalog, calendar and podcast. This feature also support images and anchors.
  10. Separate image properties operation from insert image operation for more reliable behavior.
  11. Add over-strike, superscript and subscript to toolbar
  12. Split toolbar into two levels so it fits better on smaller screens and can have some additional features in it.
  13. Create Image menu to hold all image operations.
  14. Move easytable menu operations under menu.
  15. Show busy state during undo and redo operations so  end user can't mess things up by interacting with the editor before operation completes.
  16. Allow large files to be uploaded. Display progress bar while image is being uploaded. This applies to images, files and application based file uploads.
  17. Re-factor the form application to make it easier to add new field types. Update form field dialogs to use box model and make field lengths appropriate.
  18. Add form field for radio buttons
  19. Add form field for multi-check boxes.
  20. Add phone number field.
  21. Add Regular expression field.
  22. Add text label field that will allow users to place formatted text and images between fields.
  23. Automatically convert CMYK images into RGB images during the image conversion process.
  24. Automatically convert uploaded videos to a proper flv file.
  25. Add advanced style editor that will allow the user to change the appearance of applications and any other style that's not otherwise accessible to the user.
  26. Make it so Directory, Catalog and Bulk Mail system can accept MAC CSV files.
  27. Quick Publish, Quick Preview and Quick Open will not re-write image files that are already in the destination folder. When this options is not uses, eWebSplash generated files are deleted prior to publishing. This will ensure deleted content is not left in the web site.
  28. Tool Tips for icons in new Large Image Handler. This feature is designed to it can be used by other applications in the future.
  29. The progress bar for Publish, Preview and Open is more accurate as it it based in the percentage of files that have actually been converted and published.
  30. Publish, Preview and Open sends small response packets to the client to keep the channel from timing out during large publish operations.
  31. The HTML edit dialog box includes a warning in bold red letters letting the user know about the dangers of editing HTML directly.
  32. The Advanced Style Editor includes a warning in bold red letters letting the user know about the dangers of modifying styles with this tool.
  33. Format Painter - allows you to apply a style from one part of a page to other parts of the page.
  34. Video will stop and show the first frame of video with play button in middle. The user can specify a period of time in millisecond for the play to stop at before showing the play button.

  1. Email scheduler.
  2. Edit password information in password manager.
  3. Captcha for blog comments from unauthenticated users.
  4. Captcha field for forms.
  5. File upload field for forms.
  6. Easy tables have a width of 99% by default.
  7. Email and alias accounts can be managed.
  8. Publish to BLOG with Microsoft word.
  9. Email accounts can be uses as a realm for password protected pages.
  10. A response message can be selected for the subscription application.
  11. Forms no longer support eMailSplash 3.0
  12. The shopping cart has a "Continue Shopping" option.
  13. Feature that allows the user to change the home page.
  14. Current home page is marked with house icon.
  15. If the user uploads CMYK jpeg, they are warned that it will not be visible in Internet Explorer.
  16. Bulk mail runs asynchronously. This means bulk mail sends are not held up by other jobs.
  17. Drag folders in the page manager works correctly.
  18. Deleting folders in the page manager works correctly.
  19. Rename folders in page manager works correctly
  20. UTC-8 (international characters) work inside of buttons.
  21. Subscription confirmation now works correctly.
  22. Links to outside web sites inside of the help system now open the default browser and display the page.
  23. Context help links now show the hand pointer and rollover color when the cursor is over them.
  24. Link to page uses tree control to select the page.
  25. The timezone used by time sensitive operations like email scheduling and calendar application is the same as the timezone of the client computer.
  26. The calendar application will attempt to set the timezone to the browsers timezone. It give the view the opportunity to change the timezone. The time of events in the calendar a always displayed using the selected time zone.
  27. & ampersand works in menus. It did work at some point before but was broken when getting UTC-8 to work in menus. Since the UTC-8 fix was out-of-band, this needed to be fixed. That's why this is listed as part of the same release that broke the ampersand in the first plac
4.24 (see 4.25)

This was a maintenance release to fix minor bug and many features and enhancements where released to the server independent of the client. 

  1. Make it so page/folder properties will stop the busy display after the change is complete on the server.
  2. Make it so the update of menus after changing page properties works correctly.
  3. Make it so using the X to close out the program closes down the session properly.
  1. Make remote support work correctly with production package by packing it outside of the jar file.

  1. Make drag/drop operations work correctly with xulrunner version 1.9.1

  1. Add strike through, subscript and superscript formatting.
  2. Site map feature for search engines.
  3. Advanced page properties that allow finer control for search engine information.
  4. Open in new window feature in page properties.
  5. Add ability for button (page) to link to an external URL.
  6. Add ability for button (page) to link to an uploaded file.
  7. Queue page change and save operations in so data isn't lost when the user works too fast or the server is too slow.
  8. Make sure links in email messages are absolute.
  9. improved validate for send and send message to operations.
  10. Remove mail merge field operation
  11. Live Help feature.
  12. Spell checker.
  13. Find/Replace
  14. Unsubscripe email address from list
  15. Ablility to have static buttons and image maps in template that navigate site it editor.

  1. Make it so font sizes are always expressed in pixels in the actual code. The point size is still expressed in points for the end user.

  1. Make it so renaming a list works properly.
  2. Make it so the symbols dialog is modaless so it can be used to insert multiple characters without re-opening it.

This version is a huge release with many improvements and enhancements. Only some of the most obvious and important  changes are listed.
  1. Message pages will be used for eMailSplash and form responses.
  2. Pages in the page manager can be dragged into position.
  3. The page type and title/subject are displayed in the page manager.
  4. There is a close button instead of an OK button in the page manager.
  5. There is an edit selected page button in the page manager.
  6. Make it so apostrophes (') can be used in the title and description of a calendar.
  7. Make it so if an application dialog has an empty text field it doesn't cause the operation to fail.
  8. Integrate Bulk Mail functionality (a lot of new features).
  9. Improved handling of font styles by always maintaining a flat style hierarchy.
  10. Better image resizing operations.
  11. Edit screen grayed out and busy icon displayed when server operations are happening and user can't make edits.
  12. Make all image names lower case so they don't disappear when files with all upper case letters are used.
  13. Add alert dialog that are specific to eWebSplash and do not show [Javascript] etc.
  14. Add confirm dialogs that are specific to eWebSplash and don't show [Javascrit] etc.
  15. Make it so when applying styles to a table, its done with span tags instead of changing the td tags.
  16. Fix the DOCTYPE and XML specification in pages so it's W3C compliant.     
  17. Improve the protection scheme so the user can't modify the contents of an application or mail merge field with normal editing operations.
  18. After deleting an image, clicking on the image tool will bring up file browser instead of properties for the newly deleted image.
  19. Copy Page/Message feature.


This release exists for one reason only. 4.01 was release with XULRunner and it broke functionality like drag and drop in the page manager. It also seemed to cause a bunch of other unexpected results. 4.02 is packaged with which work correctly.

  1. Quick Tips  feature.
  2. In the quick tip feature, links with a target of _blank open in an external browser.
  3. In the quick tip feature, links without a target of _blank open in the help dialog with the table of contents tab selected.
  4. Improve the break link feature so it doesn't leave garbage tags like spans and unused A tags in the code.
  5. The button to close the help dialog is now called "Close" instead of "OK".
  6. When a new images is inserted, it is now left justified by default until the end user changes it.
  7. Make it so URL's for iFrames can contain &.
  8. In general escape all & characters passed from an application dialog.
  9. Make the cancel button work in Insert HTML
  10. Make it so the user can't use the link dialog box to make a link-to-page into an absolute link to the editor workspace.
  11. Make it so a user can't add a hyperlink that intersect an existing hyperlink
  12. Make it so a user can't add a hyperlink that intersects an anchor.
  13. Make it so a user can't add an anchor that intersects an A tag.
  14. Make it so changing a style or bold etc. on a collapsed selection will allow the user to start typing with the new style instead of changing the entire surrounding tag.
  15. Add Promotional codes to the catalog.


  1. Progress bar that displays when time consuming operations are happening to discourage user from doing operations when the current operation is incomplete.
  2. The aspect ratio for images are maintained when the user changes width and height in the image properties dialog box if "Preserve Aspect Ratio" is selected.
  3. Counter application display the number of visitors a page gets.
  4. Blog application. This implements many of the functions found in software like WordPress. Blog entries can be made with Microsoft Word.
  5. Password can track the First Name, Last Name and email address for a user. This is used primarily for the Blog application.
  6. When using a large image popup, there is an option to make it printable. When this option is checked, the large image popup will display a link at the top that can be used to print the image. When this link is clicked, the image will popup in a new window with a print link at the top. This feature can be used to display printable coupons.
  7. Feature to remove an application.
  8. Add ability to provide a notification email address to the Subscription application. If an email address is provided, that email address will receive a notification email whenever there is a new subscription.

4.0 Beta 3

  1. IFRAME Application allows embedding other web sites into a page.
  2. Support for Payload delivery in eCommerce applications.
  3. Add support for large icons for the template selector.
  4. Make the template selector four columns wide.
  5. Make it so selecting a template with a small icon pops up a larger dialog box with a larger icon. This box can then be used to make the site use the template.
  6. Make the heartbeat happens once per minute and once per second only when the progress bar is being updated.
  7. Non-Custom templates are now numbered. The user will now rely on the visual presentation when selecting a template.

4.0 Beta 2

  1. Scroll bar now works properly in the Help System dialog box.
  2. Protocol for saving content now works with large amounts of content.
  3. P.O. Option for the checkout application now works.
  4. The manual option for the checkout application now works.

4.0 Beta 1

  1. Help System driven from help.esplashworks.com
  2. Fulfillment Application allows controlled access to fulfillment information in an eCommerce site.
  3. Add Web Service to published sites that returns the site Taxonomy. This web service is used by the help system but may be useful for other purposes.
  4. Automatic check for the current version of the client. Provide user with option to download and install the most current version.