What is a 404 error page?

A ‘Page Does not Exist (404 Error Message) is an message a web site viewer will receive when they attempt to access a web site page within the site that no longer exists. The server could not find what was requested, the page was removed, or it was configured not to fulfill the request and not reveal the reason why. When this happens a '404 Not Found Error' message is delivered to the viewer.

Each browser has a 'default' 404 error page.

Within your iEditWeb program you can deliver a customized 404 page to your viewers.   Customizing your 404 error message keeps the viewer on 'YOUR' site...which is extremely  important.

404 page is located in the Hidden folder within the Page Manager.   Open the 404 page to customize your message  while keeping the look of the site.   Customizing this page keeps viewers on the site instead of taking them to the browser's error page.