Add Event to Calendar Application - Weekly

Click on the Calendar Application on web page, borders will turn red.
Calendar Application
Right click on Calendar Application
Select calendar.
Select ' Add An Event'
Calendar Application | Add an Event
Add Event dialog Box will appear:
Period = Select Weekly.   Your event will only appear every day in the Calendar till End Date.
Date = select the Date of the event
No End Date = check this box if the event does not end. Remove the check mark and the Until Field will display
Until =   Event will display until this date. To view the Until field, remove check mark from 'No End Date' field. 
Start Time = select the time the event starts
End TIme = select the time the event ends
Every (n) Days = Event will display for the amount of days entered.
Days of the Week = Select the day(s) the event will take place.
Event Information section:
Title = Enter the Title of the event.   Your title will display within the date of your event -- this will be a link to your Event Description.   Recommend a short title.
Location = Enter the address/event location information.
Description = Enter the details of the event.  (Note:  you have access to text editing tools).
Select OK.  The event will be added to Calendar.
   Add a Weekly Calendar Event
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