Add Fields to Form

iEditWeb™ Forms Application provides the ability to create an online form to gather data from viewers.

See each specific Field Type to learn how to add to your form. See Form Example.

 Field Type
Common Field Type Uses
Add First Name, Last Name, Company Name, etc.
Viewer to enter specific number (numbers only)
Viewer types in the amount (funds) to collect.
Static Currency
Collect payment when the amount stays the same.
Zip Code
Post Office Zip Code 5 or 10 digit
Email EMail Address
Telephone numbers
Text Area
Comments, Feedback, Billing address for credit card acceptance, Description, etc.
Viewer needs to check 'one' option only from the list
Time of day
Date on the calendar
Date and Time
Time of day and date on the calendar
How did you hear about us?  Select a type of _________
Radio Select
Viewer needs to select one option from list
Viewer may select multiple options from list
State Drop-down
Lists all 50 United States
File Upload
Upload many files types for resumes, PDFs, graphic images, etc.
Displays the funny characters
Select the payment options
Password Block
Retrieve Password
Instructions, heading, label, etc. above or between fields.

Other Handy Information

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