Add Product

Begin on Quick Panel, select the Palette tab.

Then click on eCommerce within the Group tabs.
iEditWeb Palette eCommerce

Click, hold and drag Catalog icon on to your web page.

iEditWeb eCommerce Catalog
 The Catalog box with display.
iEditWeb Catalog Inserted
Right click on the Catalog box scroll down to Catalog Tab and hold mouse there.
Then at the top of the new menu select Add Product.
iEditWeb Catalog Right Click Dropdown 

The Add Product dialog box will display:

 Product Tab
Type in name of field
Enter the name of product/service
Enter the price of the product/service
Enter ‘additional’ shipping charges
(NOTE: Before going live with your e-commerce, contact Webb Lake Software with your shipping table costs. This table will be custom built for you, fees will apply.)
Enter the weight of product
Weight Unit
Select from the drop-down menu Ounces or Pounds
Select the product type from drop-down menu
Custom Field Tab

Description Tab
Add details to on the description of the product/service
Image Tab
Add a product image.
Detail Image Tab
Add details about image

iEditWeb Add Product Dialog Box
 Custom Fields Tab
After selecting Custom Fields Tab you may add different fields, for example: Size. To do this you right click on the screen select Add Custom Field. Add User Style dialog will then appear and add field of your choosing. To add the Value of Custom Field double click underneath column. You may then check mark the Show box or the Show Detail box. The Show box means Custom Field will be shown on main page of product and the Show Detail box means the Custom Field information will only be viewed when product is selected. The Custom Field Name and Show box or Show Detail box you choose are universal for your products/services, but the Values are individualized.

iEditWeb Custom Fields Tab of Add Product Dialog

iEditWeb  Add User Style Product Properites Pop-Up
 Description Tab
Add details to the description of product/service
iEditWeb Product Properties Description Tab 
 Image Tab
Click on Insert Image go through files and select image and click OK. Be sure to delete "Insert Image Here" text.
Add Product Select Image Add Image 
 Detail Image Tab
Select Detail Image Tab. Delete "Insert Detail Image Here" text and type what details of the image you would like to display.
Detail Image Tab 
Complete or Cancel
  1. Select OK to save the product properties
  2. Select Cancel to abort operation.

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