Add a Product Promotional Code
  1. Click on the Catalog
  2. Roll mouse over Catalog
  3. Select Promo Code by Product
  4. Promo Code by Product dialog box will appear.
  5. Select Add.
  6. Promotional Code dialog box will appear.
  7. Code: Enter the code the viewer will enter
  8. Type:
    1. Discount: Enter the discount amount to subtract from the listed price.
    2. Percentage: Enter the percentage amount to calculate from the listed price.
    3. Price: Enter the new price of the product. Basically the list price has been modified
  9. Value: enter the amount to discount. Example: giving a ‘Discount’ of $100, enter 100.00. Giving a ‘Percentage’ of 10%, enter 10. Using Price, let’s say the product is $10.00, you enter a Price of $6.00; the customer will be paying $6.00 for the item; receiving $4.00 off.
  10. Select Ok.
    The Promo Code by Product
    will be entered.
  11. Select OK if finished or repeat to add additional codes.