Add Promotional Code

This is for the ‘entire’ product catalog. If you need a Promo Code for just one product, see ‘Add a Product Promo Code.
  1. Click on the Catalog
  2. Roll mouse over Catalog
  3. Select Promotional Code
  4. Promo Code dialog box will appear.
  5. Select Add button.
  6. Promotional Code dialog box will appear.
  7. Code: Enter the code for viewers to enter to receive the discount.  Code is case-sensitive.
  8. Expiration Date: Enter the date the romotional code offer expires. The promotional code will end at midnight.
  9. Type:
    1. Discount: Enter the discount amount to subtract from the listed price.
    2. Percentage: Enter the percentage amount to calculate from the listed price.
  10. Value: enter the amount to you are discounting. Example: if you are giving a ‘Discount’ of $100, enter 100.00. If you are giving a ‘Percentage’ of 10%, enter 10
  11. Select Ok
  12. The promo code will be listed in your Promo Code dialog box.
  13. Select Ok to finish or repeat to add more codes.