Add ZipCode Field

Viewer enters Post Office Zip Code 5 or 10 digit - see Form Example

Begin on Quick Panel, select the Palette tab.

Then click on Form within the Group tabs.

Click, hold and drag Email Field icon on to your web page.


The Email Field Properties dialog box will display:

Type in name of field
Place a checkmark in box if the data must be collected in the form
Required Text
(optional) - type in text to be displayed to users next to the field when validating the information they enter. (See Form Validation for more information)
Type in instructions for site visitors or a description of the field. This will appear as small text just below the field.
Width of the field to display.  The field will scroll left to right should your viewer add more data
Use as reply address
Check this box to use the provided email address (within form) as the reply email address.
Subscribe to List
When the properties for the form specify a subscription list (adding form information to Email Marketing built into iEditWeb) checking this box indicates that this is the field that will be used as the email address for the subscription. (Basically email address collected in the email address field will be added to Email Marketing™ list.)

NOTE:  Used in conjunction with Email Marketing
Send Response
When the properties for the form specify ‘send a message to visitor’, checking this box will indicate that this is the email address the message will be sent to after the form is submitted.

NOTE:  Used in conjunction with Email Marketing
Tracking Email
Used in conjunction with your web site analytics (Piwik) for tracking.   When checked, when the online form is completed, their session will be tracked by this email address.   When you look at the Visitor Log in Piwik, the email address will show up.

Another option:  If the form is set-up to allow a member sign-up, every time this user logs into your website, in the future, their session will be tracked by this email address.
Use for password recovery
When using Authentication, checking this box will allow site visitors to recover their passwords by having an email sent to this address with a link to a page to reset their passwords.
Use as User Name
when using Authentication, checking this box will make this email address the visitors username.

Complete or Cancel
  1. Select OK to save the field properties
  2. Select Cancel to abort operation.
 Form Field Types

Static Currency
Text Area
Date & Time
Radio Select
State Select
File Upload
Static Text
Password Block

To add more field types, just drag the appropriate Field Type onto your form. Each Field Type will be added to the bottom.  Need to move a field up or down within your form, see Move Field within Form for more information.

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