Authentication Manager

  • Realms are groups of username/password pairs that can be assigned to specific pages to control access to those pages.

  • There are three basic types of realms.

    • Editors - Automatically created. Allows anyone who can use the web editor access.

    • Email - Automatically created. Allow anyone with an email address in the web site owners organization access.

    • Email List - Allows members of a specific email list to have access.

    • Realm (conventional) - Allows people who are listed under the ream to have access.

Adding a Conventional Realm

Click on the [IMAGE] toolbar icon.

A Realm Name dialog box will appear.

Enter a name for your new realm and then press OK.

You new realm will appear in the Authentication Manager.

Note: Although it's not strictly enforced, it's recommended that realm names only contain lowercase letters, numbers and underscore characters.

Adding a Username/Password Pair to a Conventional Realm
  1. Click on the realm where you want to add the new Username/Password pair.

  2. Click on the [IMAGE] toolbar icon.

  3. Enter a username.

  4. Enter the password twice.

  5. Optionally, you can provide First Name, Last Name and email address.

  6. Checking Administrator will allow administrative access when this realm is used to control access to a blog. In this case, the email address is required.

Modify a Username/Password Pair

  1. Double click on the field you want to change.

  2. You may also select the field you want to change and type F2.

  3. The field will open up in edit mode so you can modify it's contents.

  4. You may use the tab key to go to the next field in the row and make changes.

  5. The Active and Administrator fields can be changed by simply clicking on them.
Delete a Username/Password Pair or Realm
  1. Select the Username/Password pair or Realm you want to delete.

  2. Click on the [IMAGE]  icon.

  3. Click OK in the Authentication Manager Confirmation dialog box.

Upload a List from a Spreadsheet.

  1. Prepare an spreadsheet with your favorite spreadsheet editor (Excel, etc.) like the one in figure 1.
  2. The first row must contain the keywords; USERNAME,PASSWORD,FIRSTNAME,LASTNAME,ADMINISTRATOR
  3. The rest of the rows contain the actual username/password information.
  4. If the ADMINISTRATOR field is the number 1 (one), the user will become an administrator.
  5. Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file. Refer to the instructions for your spreadsheet program for instructions.
  6. Click on the realm you want to upload your list to.
  7. Click on the[IMAGE] toolbar icon.
  8. Select you CSV file from your hard drive and click Open.
  9. Use the [IMAGE] toolbar icon to simple append new entries instead of replacing them all.

figure 1

Adding an Email List  Realm

Click on the [IMAGE] toolbar icon.

In the Add Email List Ream dialog box, enter a name for your new realm.

In the list, select one of your email lists.

Press OK.

The list you use must contain a username field and a password field. See "Email Marketing" for more information.