Basic Editing

Edit Content
Undo (shortcut keys Ctrl + Z)
Redo (shortcut keys Ctrl + Y)
Cut (Shortcut keys Ctrl + X)
Copy and Paste (shortcut keys Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V)
Find (shortcut keys Ctrl + F)
Find Next (shortcut keys F3)
Find Previous (shortcut keys Ctrl + F3)
Replace (shortcut keys Ctrl + R)
Spell Check (shortcut keys Ctrl + K)

Formatting Tools
Font Selector
Font Indicator
Font Size
Font Size Indicator
Bold Feature - To Bold Text
Bold Feature - To Remove Bold
Italic Feature - To Italic Text
Italic Feature - To Remove Italic
Underline Feature - Add Underline
Underline Feature - Remove Underline
Strikethrough Feature
Superscript Feature
Subscript Feature
Font Color Selector
Format Painter
Object Advanced Style Editor
Select Table Cell
Justify Text - Left, Right, Center and Justify
Bullet/Number Item Lists
Indent Feature