eMailSplash™ Mail Pricing

eMailSplash™, the self-managed email marketing tool enabling you to create email newsletters, promotions, and announcements that get immediate and measurable results.
  • Send an unlimited number of emails to your list (the monthly fee based on number of addresses in your list)
  • Simple and easy — no technical skills needed.
  • Unlimited email technical support
  • Statistics to determine how many messages were sent, who opened the message, how many duplicate addresses, who has unsubscribed, etc.
  • User's Guide is both online and printable.
  • Build and manage you're mail lists easily.
  • Over 250 eMail designs include.
  • Integrates with your eWebSplash forms to collect marketing contact information and build email lists.
  • Can be used to send auto-responses when viewers complete your online forms.
List Size
(# of email addresses)

 Monthly Fee
0 to 500
 501 to 2500
 2501 to 5000
 5001 to 10,000
 10,0001 to 25,000
 25,000 +
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eMailSplash™ gives you the ability to:
  • Individually address each message.
  • Mail merge with any contact information you provide.
  • Create your own message in HTML.
  • By-pass spam filters.
  • Statistics to help you manage your messages.