Campaign Manager

The campaign manager allows you to create special URLs and QR Codes so you can track advertising campaigns in the Piwik Analytics system.
  • Track Radio, TV and YouTube commercials with a special short URL.
  • Track Print advertising with a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device or web camera.

Open Campaign Manager
  • Click on Site in the main menu bar.
  • Click on Campaign Manager in the drop-down menu.

  •  The Campaign Manager dialog box will appear.
Add a new Campaign

  • Click on the [IMAGE]Add Campaign icon in the Campaign Manager dialog box.
  • Provide a unique name for this campaign. You will use this name to identify this campaign in the Piwik Analytics system.
  • Provide a keyword for this campaign. This will be used to form a new short URL to be used in the campaign. Note: This keyword must only contain letters a-z and number 0-9.
  • Select a landing page within your site. This is where the visitor will directed when visiting the Campaign URL.
  • Click on Next.

  • Select the URL you want to use for the campaign.
    • [IMAGE] - This is the non-secure long URL.Note: You must use this URL for search engine campaigns like Google Ad-Words.
    • [IMAGE] - This is the secure long URL. Note: You must have secure hosting enabled on your account to use this. Call your sales representative for more information. This URL can be used with search engine campaigns.
    • [IMAGE]- This is the non-secure short URL
    • [IMAGE]- This is the secure short URL. Note: You must have secure hosting enabled on your account to use this.
    • [IMAGE] - This is the sub-domain URL.
    • [IMAGE] - This is the Top Level Domain URL. Note: You will be prompted for a credit card when you press next. After processing your card, a new Domain Name will be registered for you and configured for your campaign and you will be billed.
  • Press Next to complete configuring your Campaign.
Retrieving your Campaign Information

  • Select the Campaign you want to retrieve.
  • Click the [IMAGE]Show Campaign icon.
  • The Show Campaign dialog box will appear.

  • Click on Download QR Code to save the QR code graphic file to your hard drive.
  • Select the text in the URL text box and press Control C to copy it into your clipboard. You can then use Control V to paste the URL into your script or print material.
 Deleting a Campaign

  1. Select the Campaign you want to delete.
  2. Click the [IMAGE]Delete Campaign icon.
  3. Press OK in the Delete Campaign confirmation dialog, or press Cancel to keep it.
Note: When deleting a Top Level Domain Campaign, the associated domain name will remain registered to you. You must keep the name for the remainder of the current registration period (usually one year). If you don't want to keep it, just lets us know the next time you receive an invoice for the name.