Chapter 13 - Calendar Application
iEditWeb™ Calendar Application provides direct access to view all your events, training schedule, activities, etc. available through your business.   Your web site viewers will always be up-to-date.   Plus the Calendar application integrates with other iEditWeb™ applications:   Online Forms, online payment, e-commerce, etc.

Add Calendar Application to web page with your site.

  • Open the page within your site you'd like to add the Calendar Application.
  • On the Quick Panel, select the Web Objects Group.
  • Click on the Calendar icon and hold.   Drag and drop where you'd like the Calendar application on your page.

Quick Panel | Calendar Application icon
The Calendar Application will be displayed.
iEditWeb Calendar Application displayed
Other Handy Information

How to Select Month
How to Add Event held Once
How to Add Event held Daily
How to Add Event held Weekly
How to Add Event held Monthly
How to Add Event held Annually
How to Edit an existing Event
How to Delete/Remove an Event
How to Remove the Calendar Application
How to set the Event Advanced Styles using CSS
How to set the TimeZone