Chapter NN - Confirm Application

Confirm provides a double opt-in for your viewers.   When your viewers complete an online forms or newsletter subscribe form within your website, you may add the feature for your viewer to confirm their information be added to your list(s).   When the 'Confirm' application is added, the person completing the form will automatically receive an email asking if they wish to confirm to adding/giving their information. When the viewer clicks on the link within the confirmation email message, a notice is sent to the list and marks that that person has been confirmed.

NOTE:   Within the 'Form Application and 'Subscribe Application' you will also need to check 'Confirm' box with that application.   Plus you will need to add the 'Confirm Application' to a hidden page within your site.

Recommend that the Confirm Application be placed on it's own page within the 'Hidden' section of your site.

Click on the Pages tab within the Quick Panel.
Right click on 'Hidden', select Add Page or Message

Palette | Pages | Hidden
Right click on New Page.   Select Properties.
Add Page or Message
Page Properties Dialog Box will appear. In 'Button Label' type the word 'Confirm'. You may fill out the remaining information.

Select OK.  The name of the web page has changed to 'Confirm'.
Confirm Page

Let's add the Confirm Application to our new page called 'Confirm'.

On the Pages tab within the Quick Panel, right click on the page called 'Confirm'.
Dialog box will appear.   Select Edit Page or Message.
This will bring you to the Confirm web page to edit. 
Palette | Pages | Edit Page or Message
On the Quick Panel, select the Palette tab.

Select the Email Marketing Support tab.  This will display several icons.

 Palette | Email Marketing Support
Click on the Confirm Subscribe icon and hold.   Drag onto your web page. 
Confirm Subscribe Icon
The Confirm Application has been added.

NOTE:  At this time there are NO properties/settings for this Application.
Subscription Confirmation Application.