Chapter 26 - Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe provides a method for your subscribers to unsubscribe to the email marketing messages received. This is required by the Federal Government’s CAN-SPAM Act.

Typically the UnSubscribe Application is added to it's own web page within site.   Recommend putting in the Hidden section.  UnSubscribe Application is used within the Email Marketing program.

To start a the UnSubscribe Application on your web page, you will need to drag a UnSubscribe icon  onto your page.

To begin, on the Quick Panel, select the Palette tab.

Then click on Email Marketing Support with the Group tabs.

Click on the UnSubscribe icon and drag onto your web page within your site.
UnSubscribe Application is added to your web page within your site.

Remove Unsubscribe Application

Click on the UnSubscribe Application.  Borders will turn red.
Right click on UnSubscribe Application.  Drop-down menu will appear.

Select UnSubscribe.  Then select Remove UnSubscribe Application
Remove Application dialog box will appear.

Select OK to accept.   Select Cancel to abort.

NOTE: At this time there are NO properties for this application.