Chapter 28 e-Commerce

Provides software vehicle to sell products/services on the web site. E-Commerce requires:
  • Catalog application(s) with products/services.
  • Shipping Info and Calculations
  • Shopping Cart application
  • Sales Tax Requirements
  • Checkout Application
  • A Secure Encryption Certificate (SSL)
  • Fulfillment Application (must be used for Manual Payment Processing)
There are optional applications:
  • Payload Delivery Application (requires Authorize.Net real-time checkout)
First time setting up e-Commerce on your site? Add the pages in this order:
  • Create a page to place Shopping Cart application (add Shopping Cart application to page)
  • Create a page to place Checkout Application (add Checkout application to page)
  • Create a page(s) to place Catalog Application (add a Catalog application to page)
Once the above pages are created, you can add any page at any time.