Copy and Paste (web site or other sources)

Managing web site content and information, you may realize that you need the same information in other areas / pages of your web site or you may wish to copy content from other programs (Word, Excel, Publisher, etc.) You can copy text by:
  1. Highlighting the text to copy (from web site, Word, Excel, Publisher, etc.). 
  2. Copying text within the web site, roll mouse over Edit.  Select Copy.    OR   Hold the Control + C keys at the same time (short cut for copy).
  3. Place the cursor in the web page where to add the content. Roll mouse over Edit. Select  Paste.  OR hold the Control Key and V keys at the same time (short cut for paste).
  4. Copying for another program, use the short cut key strokes (Control + C keys for copy) and (Control + V keys for paste).
  5. The new content is pasted into the web page.