Below are some of the people and organizations that make this product possible.

Frederick Hathaway
Software Engineer
Nick Renford Programmer
Tamara Coalwell
 Sales Manager
Sarah Eames
Graphic Artist

Some parts of this product use Public Domain, Open Source, or Creative Commons licensed code and graphics. This page gives credit to developers of these products. In some cases the credit is not required by the license and provided to thank the source for their contribution. In other cases such as the Creative Commons Attribution license this credit is required.

Font Awesome by Dave Gandy -
Most of the icons used in this program are part of Font Awesome or derived from Font Awesome.

Khromaxul is a collection of XUL widgets to create an advanced color chooser. The color pickers inside of iEditWeb user these widgets in their implementation. This work is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. The following is the required link to Exhibit A.

The following is the Khromaxul developer web site.

Xulrunner is the cross platform GUI toolkit used by this product. This  is the same platform used by the Firefox web browser. This is free open source software licensed by under the Mozilla Public License Binary Components.

The graphics for email message emoji's are provided by the Twitter emoji everywhere project. These graphics are used unmodified. They are licensed with with the Creative Commons Attribution license.

The actual TWEmoji software has an open source license by twitter.