Directory Properties (Settings)

    Right click on the Directory. borders will turn red.
      Directory Application Below

      Show All
      Select Directory.

      Then select Directory Properties.

      Directory Properties dialog box will appear.

      NOTE:  Your .csv file must be uploaded first in order to see your data.  See Upload .csv File to learn how to upload your data.

      Definition of fields across the top of the Directory Properties dialog box:

      Field Lists field names within your .csv file.  Typically it's the first row of your .csv data.   Also, when uploading updates, your Fields must match exactly.
      Show in Table
      Place a check mark in the box to show in the Table on the web site page within your site.
      Show in Detail
      When viewers searches within the Directory, to the left of the results is a link labeled "Details".  When the viewer clicks on "Details" it will display the details, the are checked, within the Directory Properties Box.
      Place a check in the box in the field(s) that a drop-down menu will appear within the Directory when your viewer searches.
      Display Order
      the number determines the order the fields will be displayed on the web page screen for your viewers.
      Sort Order
      the sort order function will sort by field 1, then field 2, field 3, etc.

      Select OK to accept.   Select Cancel to stop.

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