Website Pages


  • Select the Pages tab in the quick panel.
  • Select the page to view/change properties.
  • Right click on the page, and select
    [IMAGE] Properties.
  • Page Properties window will appear. Select the Facebook tab.
This information is to help connect your web site to Facebook with their Open Graph technology.
  • Title is the title of this page as Facebook sees it.
  • Description is the description of this page as Facebook sees it.
  • Select the Type of web page that best describes this page. The names in this drop-down are defined by Facebook, and may change.
  • Image allows you to upload an image for Facebook.
  • Site Name should be the name of this web site.
  • Click on [IMAGE] Apply to all Pages button to copy the option on the left to all pages in your site. This change will be immediate even if you cancel out of the Page Properties dialog box.