Ability to find unique content/phrases within a particular web site page.
  1. Roll mouse over Edit. Select Find.
  2. Find and Replace dialog box will appear. NOTE: The ‘Find’ tab is brought forward meaning this is an active window.
  3. Type in the word or phrase of words you wish to locate.
  4. Match Case: Select this box if you would like to ‘match’ the word or phrase in case sensitive.
  5. Example: If you wish to look for City (with an upper case letter. You would check ‘Match Case.”
  6. Wrap: Default is checked. When wrap is checked this means the ‘find’ search will start and continue to bottom of document and return to the top to continue checking until it reaches the place where it started.
  7. Direction: Determines which direction you would like to search. Up searches to the top of screen. Down searches to bottom of screen.
  8. Find Next: When the Find function locates the word/phrase to locate, you can continue ‘finding’ by selecting ‘Find Next’.
  9. Close: When finished locating your word/phrases, select Close.