Font Color Selector

  1. Highlight the text to change.
  2. Click on the Color Icon (locate in menu area).
  3. Select a Font Color dialog box will appear providing a wide-range of color selection.
  4. NOTE: Visit Chapter – Colors of Web Designs for Color numbers for ‘standard’ designs
  5. Select a Color area, the Select Color Palette sliders move up and down to select the color range.
  6. The color will change in the large box on left.
  7. Select a color with the palette range, move the Color Locator circle. This will change the color within the Color Selected box.
  8. As you move the Color Locator circle, the new color will display over the current color.
  9. Color numbers will display under the Color Selected box.
  10. Repeat a color; write down the hex color number (#7DD627). When you return to the Select a Font Color dialog box, type the number to change font color.
  11. Web Safe Colors. Check this box to display only web safe fonts for selection. This options only provides web safe colors.
  12. Transparent - use in Tables only
  13. Swatches – This section shows any colors selected during this session. Click on the small color box to select a color for your font.
  14. Find a color you’d like to keep, click on the ‘+’ box.
  15. Remove a color, click on the ‘-‘ box.
  16. Click OK to select the color. The color of font will be changed.