Form Advanced Styles

Advanced Styles is extremely powerful giving you the ability to change the appearance of the form. Change font, font size, width of field label, width of form, and much more. You may wish to reference the Advanced Styles Chapter within this Knowledge Guide. 

 [IMAGE] Warning: This advanced feature requires working knowledge of Cascading Style Sheet technology.

  • Click on the form.
  • The borders will turn red.  
  • Right click on the field you wish to edit.
  • Dialog box will appear.
  • Select Form. Then select Advanced Styles. 
  • Advanced Styles dialog box will appear.
  • Directory Advanced Styles dialog box will appear displaying the majority of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) options available to change the look, appearance, and feel of your Directory.  
  • When you make any changes to a selected style, highly recommend writing down the original settings and the new settings.  This will help you with future changes.
  • There are many, many options within the Advanced Styles (CSS) section.
  • Select OK to set your new style. Or select Cancel to stop
  • For more information see Advanced Styles in Knowledge Base.