Form Properties

The settings within Form Properties determine where the data will be distributed.
  Set the email address to email the completed data within the form.

Click on your form.

The borders will turn red.
Right click on the Form..

Dialog box will appear.

Select Form.  Then select Form Properties.

Form Properties dialog box will appear


Email address to receive results
enter the email address the web site will send the collected data to. 
Notification Subject
When you receive the results of completed form in your email box, what subject line would you like to see. Type in a descriptive subject line.
Confirm Subscription
Check box if you wish a double-opt in. The person who completed the form will automatically receive an email message asking to confirm the addition of their email address to the email address list. (optional item).

Campaign Settings (must be usingPiwik Analytics service on web site)
Campaign Name
Campaign Keyword
Message and Bulk Email Settings
Send message to visitor
check this box if the form has an email address field (must be a required field) to gather the viewer’s email address. When this box is checked, when you reply to the message; the message will be sent to the email address given in the email address field.
From Email address
enter the email address the message will be ‘from’.
From Proper Name
This is the name that will be displayed in the ‘from’ field within the recipient’s email client. Recommend that this is ‘short’ and ‘descriptive’. The From Field gives the viewer additional information to intrigue them to open the message.
Attach Files and Images
Box Checked: This means that ALL images will be attached to the email so the viewer sees the entire message along with any images when message is opened. The disadvantage is that tracking of who viewed the message will be inaccurate. This is because the viewer is not compelled to download the tracking image.

Box Unchecked: This means that when a viewer opens a message the text of the message is visible; however, images, logos, etc. will not be automatically displayed. The viewer's email client will automatically ask the viewer if they wish to download the images. When the viewer says yes, the images are visible. The advantage of this approach is that the viewer is compelled to download the tracking image causing the 'viewed' count in the job log to be more accurate.
Select the message you wish to send to the viewer when they complete the form. This is an automated response message that is created within Mass Email Marketing. You must have the Mass Email Marketing service activated to use the automated response messaging.
Subscribe visitor to emai list
Check this box to have the form’s completed data added to a specific email marketing address list within Mass Email Marketing for future bulk email marketing efforts. You must have the Mass Email Marketing™ service activated to use the automated response messaging.
Select the list to add the form’s data into automatically. You must have the Mass Email Marketing service activated to use the automated response messaging.

Select OK to confirm.   Select Cancel to abort operation.
Form Field Types

Static Currency
Text Area
Date & Time
Radio Select
State Select
File Upload
Static Text
Password Block

To add more field types, just drag the appropriate Field Type onto your form. Each Field Type will be added to the bottom.  Need to move a field up or down within your form, see Move Field within Form for more information.

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