1. Create a new web page labeled ‘Fulfillment’ in the hidden area of Page Manager to add the Fulfillment application.
  2. We highly recommend that the Fulfillment page be ‘Password-Protected’. Providing only authorized persons access. (see Chapter 4 - Password-Protected Pages,)
  3. Open that page to Edit
  4. Place the mouse where to add the Fulfillment application to web page
  5. Roll mouse over Insert
  6. Select Insert Application from drop-down menu
  7. Pick an Application dialog box will appear. Select e-commerce. Select Catalog Fulfillment.
  8. Fulfillment application is displayed.
  9. Provide absolute web site address to Fulfillment department or company (www.yourdomainname.com/fulfillment.php or similar)
  10. Note: the Fulfillment page has no design making it easier for staff to print the orders.


View Promotional Codes Within Orders
  1. On the Fulfillment page (see Fulfillment Application). When you view each order, you will see the promotional code name and discount utilized for that order.
  2. Should you remove the Promotional Code, the code and amount will not be displayed within each order.