Access Completed Orders

  1. Type in the web site address along with the fulfillment page name

    Example: The page name given to the ‘Fulfillment’ page is labeled ‘Orders’

    Type in the absolute web address in browser:

    Notice the entire string including the ending ‘.php’

    The fulfillment page will be displayed. We ‘strongly recommended’ that this page be password-protected that allows only authorized personnel to access. Enter your user name and password to access.

    NOTE: If you elect to ‘NOT’ password-protect this page, the public will be able to access and see your orders along with your customer’s information.

  2. A list of orders will be displayed in ‘Tabular format.’

    Click on ‘Show’ to see the details of the order. This will open a page will no graphic framework design making it easier to print.


View Promotional Codes within your Orders
  1. On the Fulfillment page (see Fulfillment Application). When you view each order, you will see the promotional code name and discount utilized for that order.
  2. Should you remove the Promotional Code, the code and amount will not be displayed within each order.