Website Pages

Geo Tag

  • Select the Pages tab in the quick panel.
  • Select the page to view/change properties.
  • Right click on  Properties.
  • Page Properties dialog box will appear. 


  •  Right click the page and select
  • Page Properties window will appear. Select the Geo Tag tab.
This provides the physical location of your business to search engines and map software like Google Maps and MapQuest.
  • Latitude is the geographic latitude of your business.
  • Longitude is the geographic longitude of your business.
  • Region defines the country and state or province of your business.
  • Place Name is the name your business in known by.
  • Google Maps allows you to search for your business using Google Maps. Once you find your place of business and place the pin on it, the Latitude, Longitude and Region fields will be filled in with the relevant information.
  • Click on [IMAGE] Apply to all Pages button to copy the option on the left to all pages in your site. This change will be immediate even if you cancel out of the Page Properties dialog box.