Insert Files

Insert File

The Insert File feature allow you to create a link in your site that will download a file when clicked. This is often used so visitors can download PDF files but any type of file can be used.

To insert a file.
    1. Highlight the text you want to use as a hyperlink to your file.
    2. Select Insert from the top level menu bar.
    3. Dropdown menu will appear, Select Insert File
    4. A file picker dialog box will appear to locate the file you wish to insert.
    5. Select the file from your computer and press Open/and/or OK.
    6. A copy of your File will be uploaded to your web site.  When a viewer clicks on the hyperlink, your file will display.

    [IMAGE]  Note: If you password protect the page with this file, the file will also be password protected.

    If you need to upload a new file, break the link, re-upload the file.

    You will be able to insert may different types of files.  We strongly recommend using a PDF document because its a universal document handler.

    Plus most programs have an option to convert document from original format into a PDF. 

    A partial list of the file types you can upload:

    .DOC (Word)
    .XLS or .XLSX (Excel)
    .PPT (PowerPoint)
    .TXT (text document)
    .KNT (Keynote)
    .PAGES (Pages)
    .NUMBERS (Numbers)
    .SDC (Open Office)
    And more.