Keyword & Project Manager

What is the Keyword and Project Manager?
The Keyword and Project Manager is a tool that lets you work with your gallery's keywords and/or projects. Projects allows viewers to click on a specific piece of word.  Keywords allow viewers to narrow their selection of images relative to what your gallery has to offer. In the keyword and project manager you can create, edit, re-order and delete keywords and projects for your gallery. However, you must have a Gallery Select for each (keyword and project) application with Select Type set to Keyword or Select Type to Project to see and interact.

Access the Keyword and Project Manager almost the same way.

Right click on the Gallery, borders will turn red.
Drop down menu will appear.   Select Gallery.  Then select Keyword Manager or Project Manager.
[IMAGE]Add a keyword: select the Add Keyword icon. You can also right click inside the dialog box and select Add Keyword. Once you create the keyword, a new keyword labeled "NewKeyword1" will appear. You can then modify that keyword to say what you would like.

[IMAGE]Modify a keyword: Click on the keyword you wish to edit and select the Edit Keyword icon or right click the keyword and select Edit Keyword from the popup box, or double click the keyword.

[IMAGE]Remove an existing keyword: Select the keyword and select the Delete icon. Additionally, you can right click the item and select Delete from the popup box.

Move the position of a keyword: Click the keyword and drag it to the desired position. When you drop the keyword, it will fall directly below the keyword you are currently hovering over.

Select OK to Confirm.  Select Cancel to abort.

Other Handy Information