Login Application

The Login Application provides a place for a visitor to enter their username and password when entering a password protected page.

Insert Login Application

  1. Create a page for your Login Application.

  2. In the Palette of the Quick Panel, select the Authentication Group.

  3. Drag the Login Icon from the palette into your web page.

  4. The application will appear at the drop point.
Set Login Application Properties

  1. Right click on the Login Application.

  2. Select Login | Properties from the context menu.

  3. The Login Properties dialog will appear.

  4. Select the Realm this Login Application will control.

  5. Select a page the visitor will get redirected to after a successful login.

  6. If the user was redirected to the Login page from another password protected page, they will be redirected back to their original page instad of the page specified here.

  7. You can direct you members back to this page when they are finished and they will be logged out