• These instructions are for Mac Mail that ships with OSX El Capitan Version 10.11.x or newer.

  • If you are running an older version of OSX, it's highly recommended that you upgrade to 10.11.x or newer. This upgrade is free for most Mac computers. If your Mac is too old to upgrade, we can't guarantee success configuring email with your computer.
  •  [IMAGE]Open Mac Mail by clicking on the stamp icon in the menu bar.

  • Under the "Mail" menu, click on "Accounts."

  • In the dialog as displayed here, click on "Add Other Account..."
  •  In the dialog displayed here, click on "Mail Account"
  •  Enter your "Name." in field provided.

  • Enter your "Email Address," in field provided.

  • Enter your email "Password" in the field provided.

  • Click on "Sign In"
  •  The "Email Address" field should already contain your correct email address.

  • Enter your Email Address again in the "User Name" field.

  • Select IMAP in the "Account Type," drop down menu.

  • Enter imap.ieditweb.com in the "Incoming Mail Server," field.

  • Enter smtp.ieditweb.com in the Outgoing Mail Server" field.

  • Click on "Sign In."

  •  Make sure the "Mail" is selected. There may be other applications selected as well.

  • Click on "Done.

That's it, your email account is now configured to use IMAP and SSL.

 Remember to check your mail frequently and move any messages you want to keep from your Inbox to another folder. Email older than 60 days will be automatically removed from your Inbox.