Manage Mail Merge Fields

Suppose you need to send an email to each of your customers with specific information. Creating each email message individually would take hours. That’s where Mail Merge comes in. Using Mail Merge feature all you have to do is create one email message that contains the information that is the same in each copy and add some placeholders for the information that is unique for each message.

Insert Mail Merge Fields
Upload the Email Address List which includes Mail Merge Information.   The headers of your .CSV file will be available as a Mail Merge Field. 

Open the email message to edit

Place cursor where the 'insert field will be placed.

Select Email from top menu bar.

From drop-down menu, select Insert Mail Merge Fields
Insert Mail Merge Field dialog box will appear. 

Within the Insert Mail Merge Field is a drop-down menu. This drop-down menu will list ‘ALL’ the fields from “ALL” the lists

Select a Field Name from the drop-down list.

The Field will be added to your email list. The data from the list selected to ‘Send To’ will be added to each individual email message. Yes, it’s that simple.

Recommendation:  Create a 'field'  format that will be consistent across all lists within your email marketing campaigns.

NOTE:   We “STRONGLY” recommend that all field names within all the lists are consistent. Example: Let’s say one of the fields is labeled Address1. This field could be labeled:

Delete Email Merge Field
Open the email message to edit

Click on the Mail Merge Field you wish to remove.

Select Email from top menu bar.

From drop-down menu, select Remove Mail Merge Fields

Select OK.  The field will be removed.