Provide customize messages as customer’s move through the Checkout Process.
  1. Click on the Checkout Application on web page.
  2. Roll mouse over Checkout
  3. Select Message from the drop-down menu. Various message types will be listed to customize.
  4. Address Page = Displays instructions to complete the information below
  5. Address Incorrect Page = displays an error message should the viewer not complete all the required information
  6. Address Confirmation Page = displays instructions asking viewer to confirm information provided.
  7. Credit Card Page = displays instructions for the viewer to enter credit card information
  8. Credit Card Incorrect Page = displays information to viewer stating that credit card information is inaccurate or incomplete
  9. Credit Card Confirmation Page = displays information to viewer that transaction is completed and to print page as receipt
  10. Credit Card Declined Page = displays an error message advising the viewer that the credit card was declined and asking to use a different credit card
  11. Final Confirmation Page = displays information that the order is complete
  12. Confirmation Email = information entered will be configured into a email message to be emailed to the viewer who just purchased product. There are four (4) fields to complete:
    1. From = enter the ‘from’ email address the viewer will see in the email message.
    2. Subject = enter the subject to display in subject line of email message
    3. Message = enter a message advising the details of order is in email message. Recommend including a thank you message.
    4. Fulfillment Email Address = enter the email address for the Fulfillment department; may be the same as the ‘From’ field.
  13. Select OK