Website Pages


  • Select the Pages tab in the quick panel.
  • Select the page to view/change properties.
  • Right click on  Properties .
  • Page Properties dialog box will appear. 

  • Right click on the page and select
  • Page Properties window will appear. Select the Organization tab.
  • Organization is the name of your company or your name for a personal site.
  • City and Zip Code is the address of your organization.
  • Organization Email is the email address people would use to contact your organization. For instance "".
  • Author is the name and email address of the person who wrote this page.
  • Designer is the name and email address of the person who designed this page (graphically).
  • Copyright is your copyright notice. An example is "Copyright © 2015 My Company, Inc." The © will be interpreted as the © symbol.
  • Click on [IMAGE] Apply to all Pages button to copy the option on the left to all pages in your site. This change will be immediate even if you cancel out of the Page Properties dialog box.