Password Recovery Application

The Password Recovery Application will allow users who lose their password to recover it with their email address.

 Create a Password Recovery Message

  1. Open Pages tab of Quick Panel. See "Manager Web Site Page" for more information.

  2. Right click on the message folder and select Add Page or Message.

  3. A new message will be created called "New Message." Right Click on "New Message" and select properties from the drop-down menu.

  4. In the Message Properties dialog box, enter a Name and Subject for your password recovery message.

  5. Press OK.

  6. Double click on the new message in the page manager.

  7. The new message page will open in a new tab of the editor.

  8. Compose a message telling the user to click the following link to recover their password. Place the cursor at the point in this message where you want the password recovery link.

  9. Under the eMail menu, select, "Insert Mail Merge Field."

  10. Select "PASSWORD_RECOVERY_LINK" from the drop-down.

  11. Remember to put any additional instructions to help your visitor through the process into this message.


 Insert Password Recovery Application

  1. Create a page for your Password Recover Application.

  2. In the Palette of the Quick Panel, select the Authentication Group.

  3. Drag the Password Recovery Icon from the palette into your web page.

  4. The application will appear at the drop point.

Set Password Recover Properties.
  1. Right click on the Password Recovery Application.

  2. Select Password Recovery | Properties from the context menu.

  3. The Password Properties dialog will appear.

  4. Enter the Recovery Email From Address. This is the email address the recovery email will come from (example:

  5. Enter the Recovery EMail From Name. This is the name of the entity the recovery email will come from (example: My Company Support Team). 

  6. Select the Realm this Password Recovery Application will control.

  7. Select the message the user will receive after requesting a password recovery.
    This is the message you created above.

Set Password Recovery Messages

The Password Recovery Messages are the text message your visitor will see at various stages of the recovery process.

  1. Right click on the Password Recovery Application.

  2. Select Password Recovery | Password Recovery Messages.

  3. The Password Recovery Messages dialog will appear.

  4. Select each of the tabs and review or modify the messages. There is at the top of each tabbed section that will describe how the message is used.