Video Properties

Right click on Video Application.  The borders will turn red.
Drop down menu will appear.   Select Video.  Then select Properties.
Properties dialog box will appear:

Video Width (pixels)
enter the width of the video to display
Video Height (Pixels)
enter the height of the video to display
Play video in a loop check box to play video continuously
Automatically start playing video
check to have video start playing as soon as it’s downloaded to viewer.
Show image until user presses play
check to have the first frame of video displayed for viewers.
Time to preview frame (milliseconds)
This will display a frame of your video instead of the gray box. Most videos would be between 25 to 100; each video is programmed differently

Select OK to accept.   Select Cancel to abort.

WARNING:  Videos may increase data transfer (bandwidth) for your web site.  Each hosting package has data transfer included but to a specific level.   Should your data transfer go over your specific amount, your monthly hosting fees will increase

Other Handy Information

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Upload Video
Video Properties
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Video Processing Status
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Video Advanced Styles

Standard web video pixel dimensions

16:9 format
4:3 format
1920 x 1080 (1080p)
1280 x 720 (720p)
960 x 540
720 x 405
640 x 360
560 x 315
480 x 270
400 x 225
320 x 180
240 x 135
160 x 90
80 x 45
640 x 480
560 x 420
480 x 360
400 x 300
320 x 240
240 x 180
160 x 120
120 x 90
100 x 75
80 x 60
60 x45