Publish to Blog With Microsoft Word 2007

You can use Microsoft Word to write Blog Entries. Before you begin this process you must complete the following steps.
  1. Set up a Realm for your blog.
  2. Add an administrator account to the realm using the page passwords feature.
  3. Publish your web site.
  1. After opening Microsoft Word, click on new in the office menu.
  2. Select New Blog Post.
  3. Click on Manager Accounts.
  4. Click on New.
  5. Select Other in the Blog dropdown box, then press next.
  6. Select MetaWebLog in the API dropdown box. Enter the URL for your web sites blog publish point. This is created by appending the URL for your web site with “/helpers/blog.php”. For instance, if your web site is your blog publish point would be, Click OK.
  7. A dialog box will appear with a list of blogs you have in your site. Select the one you want to publish to.
  8. Enter the title and content for you blog post.
  9. Press Publish.
You may use the Manage Accounts feature above to add additional blogs that you can post to using Word. If you have more than one blog, Word will prompt you for the one you want to publish to. You can save the word document to your hard drive. If you make changes to the word document on your hard drive then publish it, the blog entry on your site will be updated.

Other handy Blog Application information: