• Make is so srcset images are the same file type as the uploaded image so it support png transparency. This reverses a bad decision from the last release.
  • Make it so png's, gifs, jpegs and svgs are the same image type after conversion. Other types like BMP will be converted to a jpeg.
  • Fix mail merge for links to they work with PHP 7.
  • Make it so site publisher is called with nohup and full redirects. Should reduce failed site opens.
  • Generally, make svg files work correctly as images.
  • make it so adding then removing the accessibility file wont break the site.
  • Make mimemail work correctly on php7 and php6 by using pecl class on 7.
  • In live mode, make it so menus load synchronously to avoid a second call to the server for navigation information (performance enhancement).
  • Make glider load html synchronously but still balk on unloaded images (performance enhancement).
  • Make the calendar have an "all day" option.
  • Make it so pictures work in the details of a calendar.
  • Make it so the opengraph image is handled property for page properties.
There was no official 7.27 release


  • Make is so srcset images are always JPEGs for better performance.
  • Make glider load asynchronously so images will be displayed before they all load.
  • Add a static url option to site properties will will allow images to be served from the url static.domain.com to speed up loads as the will not be served from the main site the uses cookies. In addition, web site configuration will include the static alias and add generic web domain names will include the static domain.
  • Improve caching setting on ws5 to improve performance.
  • Make it so CSS files controlled by iEditWeb are combined into a single file for better performance.
  • Make it so javascript files controlled by iEditWeb are combined into a single file for better performance.
  • Fix problem where an error dialog box sometime appears when you first open a web site.

  • Add the form fulfillment application
  • Add the Appointment Calendar application.
  • Add the tz_convert table to the database to convert from IANA time zone to Microsoft time zone.
  • Reorganize the apple package and make it so it can be properly signed. Stupid Apple Changes.
  • Update the apple code signature and the apple install package signature.

  • Fix the spelling of "download" in the advanced style editor.
  • Update the google maps key for the editor geolocation feature and map application


This release contains a number of changes to the overall system that will not necessarily effect the users of the editor.
  • Update piwik so if the piwik service fails to retrieve the site id it will use the last one successfully retrieved.
  • Update piwik so the excluded ips are preserved after a site update.
  • add proper escaping for the cp command used to copy the template from the template cache.
  • upgrade font-awesome to the newest version
  • get rid of automatic SPF generation and make it part of the Add Generic operation.
  • add application to the backroom to show what version of ieditweb each site is using
  • When the secure url isnt specified for checkout it now correctly calculates the correct url (in normal situations).
  • create and add the vminfo package to the system. This will provide system administrators details about virtual machines using KVM under Linux.
  • Make it so DNS has only the inet view. This was needed to bring the new Juniper firewall online.
  • Fix the re-director so it works correctly with IPv6 addresses.
  • Fix the alias validator that broke because of the PHP 7 changes that removed the split function.
  • begin development of the jquery-grid plugin that will be used for a future release of iEditWeb and is currently being used by the vminfo package.
  • Integrate office 365 into the list manager. This will allow a list to be tied to an office 365 contact folder so when a new person is added to the list, they are also added to a contact folder it office 365.
  • Fix the password block field so it works correctly with the ajax form.
  • get the whole email list realm thing working correctly again.
  • Make the login application work right.
  • Remove the unused Global checkbox from the register application dialog box.
  • Fix password recovery feature
  • Fix a bunch of bulk mailer issues.
  • Siince php7 no longer supports the long for escape tag, modify the mail merge to use the short form.

  • Update EULA.
  • If you use f2 to update the name and subject of a message, it will change the subject propery.
  • Fix the subscribe application so it works properly if captcha is disabled.
  • There is now a “Break All Links” feature that can be use to remove all hyperlinks in a selected area or selection.
  • Make it so CSSInfo class trims commas off the ends of the font-family string.
  • Fix the palette to include the accessibility application (out of band)
  • Remove application that are no longer supported from the palette (out of band)
  • Add accessibility application. (out of band)
  • Add “Single Audio” application that was supported in 6.x (out of band)
  • Update mail merge so a hyphen can be used in a field name. (out of band).


  • Make fields WCAG/ADA complaint by adding the label tag around the label of each field.
  • Make it so unexpected data from the mediainfo command doesn't break video uploads.
  • Make it so administration.ieditweb.com and myeditweb.com are IEW 7.0 sites.

  • Move the application server to b.ieditweb.com
  • Adding and manipulating entries in the list editor work correctly.
  • When doing a clipboard copy-cut/paste, it will no longer insert extra line breaks.


  • Fix problem that made cell properties fail.
  • Fix the tab spacer code used to make it pretty on MacOS so it doesn't cause failures when using dialog boxes.


  • Make it idiot proof so users can’t insert applications into a message.
  • Fix display of tabbed dialog boxes on the Mac so the tabs don’t cover the dialog content.
  • Make it so adding and deleting panels from the glider work correctly.
  • Make it so database dumps will contain the copyright notice for iEditWeb to protect the schema.
  • Make it so email lists track the source and display it in the list editor.
  • Make it so the bulk mailer can use a different IP address for each customer account.
  • Feature to limit the number of registrations that can be submitted with a form.
  • Fix sort in the list manager
  • Capability to publish or preview a single page.
  • Fix problem with iframe that would sometimes break a site.
  • Improve performance of page property operations by avoiding re-initialization of the database.
  • The font manager no longer allows use of Google Fonts and only TypeKit. This is because Google Fonts sometime disappear.
  • Clear image sizes after editing html to sizes don’t get modified after editing html (wholesalemidwest.com problem)
  • The about dialog box now display the amount of memory used.
  • Fix problem where gallery doesn’t start playing if it doesn’t contain images.
  • Fix sort order operation in xdirectory (The List).

  • Make it so image size tester replaces all iframes with divs before doing the test since iframes break the tester.
  • Fixed bug in phi4menu.inc that caused problems with the flexbox template.
  • Make sticky menu work in the universal flex template.
  • Add mobile menu feature with built in hamburger handler and expandable sub pages.
  • make it so piwik commands are sent to paypal standard call.
  • make it to images with the jpeg extension work correctly. These means images from adobe stock should work right without modification.
  • fix problem with missing images when doing a virgin publish.
  • fixed problem that would sometimes cause flex box advanced styles to fail.
  • use template cache to speed up the template selector.
  • Add a content callback feature that can be used by script included in a template to know when all the edit areas have been loaded.

  • Put wrapper around buy button so width can be forced or the order changed.
  • Make it so works properly with new ajax based ecommerce.
  • Fix spelling of fulfillment
  • Add detail feature to tabular view in catalog.
  • Make it so re-subscribing with a previously subscribed address wont clear the unsubscribed flag.
  • Make changes to Open Graph so its compatible with today's version of Facebook. (Mark, make up your mind).
  • Add checkout preview application that can be used on the checkout page to show current known price or on other pages for that reason or to show the number of items in cart and be a link to the cart page.
  • Make it so contact information is remembered for one year after entering into checkout page.
  • Make it so PayPal payment doesn't say "ending with."
  • make it so if no display options are provided for the checkout application a message is displayed to give the application height so its select able.
  • make it so the advanced style selection based on list separates classnames into thier component parts when more that one class name is used per object.


  • Fix problem with responsive images in the WYSIWYG editor used by many applications.


This is the first regular release note for the 7.x version of iEditWeb™
  • Create automatic image size calculator that figure out and create the ideal image sizes and for a responsive design for any images expressed as percent or screen width.

  • Make it so the glider doesn't display until all the images are loaded.

  • Make it so application image urls are converted from absolute to relative so the images are not pulled from the editing application but instead the production or preview server.

  • Fix spelling of subscribe in the subscribe application.

  • Regular expressions to check if there is a $ in the value fails. This is fixed by changing the $ to ~ before doing the compare. This appears to be a problem with the JavaScript regular expression engine but I can't find any concrete explanation of the problem online.

  • Make it so style images that are white are displayed over a black background to they show up in the style drop down.

  • Make offset orientation work right for menus (fix spelling mistakes).

  • Add ability to set the browser with to one of the defined breakpoints in the stylesheet for testing purposes.

  • Update Authorizenet to use Akamai

  • Make it so when cropping an image or large image, it displays the aspect ratio of the resulting image.