Save My Changes?
You are not required to save your work. The editor continuously saves changes made while you are working in the editor.

[IMAGE] Note: the editor requires an internet connection to save changes to the server. If the connection is poor, changes may be lost.


to Check the Connection to the server

  • The [IMAGE] Heartbeat icon in the bottom right corner of the editor window alternates between a [IMAGE] solid red heart to a [IMAGE] heart outline. This indicates the communication between your computer and the server.
  • The heart icon should be alternating regularly, if it is not, the connection to the server is poor.
  • You can click on the Heartbeat icon to see more details about the connection.
  • The Heartbeat dialog displays two values pertaining to the connection between your computer and the server: Seconds Since Last Successful Heartbeat and Number of queued commands
    • Seconds Since Last Successful Heartbeat is the number of seconds since the last communication. This number should stay low. If the number is higher (around the 30 second range), that means the connection is poor.
    • Number of queued commands is the number of commands that have yet to be saved to the server.
[IMAGE] Warning! If you suspect a poor connection while working in the editor, check the number of queued commands before closing the editor. You must wait until the number of commands is zero before you exit the editor or changes may not be saved.