Send Message

Ready to send the message to the list? If yes, use this feature. If you are ‘testing’ the message, use ‘Preview Email Message’.

Select Email from the top menu bar.

From the drop-down menu, select Send Message.
Send Message Dialog Box will appear.

From Email Address
enter the email address the message is from
From Proper Name
This is the name that will be display in the ‘From’ field. Recommend that this be ‘short’ and ‘descriptive’. The From field gives the viewer additional information to intrigue them to open the message.
Attach Files and Images
Box Checked: This means that ALL images will be attached to the email so the viewer sees the entire message along with any images when message is opened. The disadvantage is that tracking of who viewed the message will be inaccurate. This is because the viewer is not compelled to download the tracking image.

Box Unchecked: This means that when a viewer opens a message the text of the message is visible; however, images, logos, etc. will not be automatically displayed. The viewer's email client will automatically ask the viewer if they wish to download the images. When the viewer says yes, the images are visible. The advantage of this approach is that the viewer is compelled to download the tracking image causing the 'viewed' count in the job log to be more accurate.
Message Area:
Select the email message to send
List Area:
Select the list to send to
Double check all the above information. If everything is accurate, select OK….your message will start to email out within a few moments. Once OK is selected there is NO WAY TO STOP the message from sending.