Website Pages


  • Select the Pages tab in the quick panel.
  • Select the page to view/change properties.
  • Right click on  Properties.
  • Page Properties dialog box will appear. 
  • Right click on the page and select
  • Page Properties window will appear.
  • Link Type tells the system what will be accessed when the user clicks the associated button.
    • Page - a standard HTML web page within your site.
    • File - a file that the user can download.
    • External link - the button will be a link to a web page outside of your site.
    • Link to Page - the button will take the user to a different page in your site.
  • Check Open in new window to cause the new page to be opened in a new window instead of replacing the current page.
  • Button Label will be the text displayed in the button. This is also the name the page will be referenced by in the page manager.
  • Title is the title that will appear at the top of the web browser window. This is also valuable information for search engines. 65 characters are recommended.
  • Page Type allows you to select one of the layouts available in the currently selected template. For instance, some layout may have the menu at the top and others may fave a menu at the top and on the left.
  • Password Realm allows you to select a realm (list of users/passwords) to password protect this page. Public means anyone can see this page.
File Link Type
  • File Name - Click on the Upload File button to upload a file the user will see when clicking on this page button.

External Link
  • External Link must be a fully qualified URL that points to a different page. For instance "". If you check the Display link message check box, you will be able to select a Link message name. In this case, the visitor will be presented with a message and an option to either Accept or Decline access to the link.
Link to Page
  • Page provides a list of pages in your site. Select one of these pages.
  • Anchor is an anchor point (bookmark) in a selected page.
  • Click OK to apply new settings to the currently selected page.
  • Click Cancel to exit dialog box without saving page properties.

 [IMAGE]Note: if at any time you used one of the Apply to All Pages buttons, those changes have already been applied and canceling here will not undo those changes.