Setting up the Gallery

There are four applications to the Gallery.
  1. Gallery
  2. Gallery Thumbnail
  3. Gallery Select
  4. Gallery Caption

Each one is used to display a portion of your gallery. This is so you have maximum flexibility when designing your gallery layout.

Begin your gallery by laying out the pieces of your gallery. This is best done through using tables. The following is a short description of each gallery application piece. Refer to the link provided for more information on each application.


The main gallery application. Managing the gallery is done through accessing this application. When laying out the gallery, this is used to display the large version of the currently selected image.

Gallery Thumbnail

This is used to determine the size and placement of the gallery's thumbnail strip, as well as the size of the thumbnails themselves. The thumbnail strip will show small versions of the images in the currently selected project or keyword.

Gallery Select

This application is used to determine placement of the selection for the gallery, as well as selection type. This can be defined as selection by keyword or selection by project. Most often there will be two instances of this application for a single gallery - one for keywords and one for projects.

Gallery Caption

This application determines the placement of the currently selected image's caption title and caption description.

Before uploading any images to your Gallery, you must confirm that no two images have the same name.

It is recommended that you create a folder on your computer to store all of the images you intend to upload. Place all of your images in that folder. If there are two files of the same name, you are asked to either copy and replace or copy and keep both files. Select "Copy and replace" if you would like to overwrite the first file. Select "Copy, but keep both files" if you would like to keep both images and automatically append a number to the second file. 

The previous step will ensure that all file names are unique. Now that you have all of your images in one place, it is easy to upload them. 

See Uploading Images for more instructions.

 Gallery Set-up Example

Gallery Thumbnail Here when published

Our Projects

Gallery Selector here when published or previewed

Keywords (optional)

Gallery Selector here when published or previewed

Gallery Current Image here when published or previewed

Gallery Caption here when published or previewed

Properties (settings)
For each module within the Gallery Application, you will need to set the Properties for each.

Right click on the module.  The borders will turn red.

Drop down menu will appear.   Select Gallery.  Then select Properties

The appropriate Properties dialog box will appear.  

Other Handy Information