Spam  Filter Test

Reviews your email message for potential red flags that Spam Filters may block on the arrival of your email message at your recipient's end.  This is not 100% accurate, since Spam Filtering constantly changes due to the nature of Spammers.

Select eMail from the top menu bar

From the drop-down menu, select Spam Filter Test.
Spam Filter Test dialog box will appear.

Click on the message to test.  Select OK

Wait a few moments. The system will run the email message through several tests to determine if the message ‘may’ be considered a spam message that may be filtered out by the recipient’s anti-spam software (this is only a guideline).
Spam Filter Results dialog box will appear.

Blank – do nothing. you are ready to send the message.
Message – the message will advise of changes that may need to be made.

Example: We added the work “Viagra” to the message, cause the message to say "DRUGS_ERECTILE.Refers to an erectile drug".  Recommend changing the message to avoid the recipients spam filters.
Select Close. Repeat as necessary.