Set Up the Website


iEditWeb uses Piwik for statistics, tracking, and advanced analytics. Piwik is a very powerful tool that tells you useful information about the way viewers use your site. While the list below contains some of the functions Piwik provides, it is not comprehensive. See Piwik's documentation for comprehensive documentation on how to use Piwik.

Opening Piwik
  • To open Piwik click on Site, then Statistics.
  • Piwik will open in your default web browser.

The dashboard has lots of useful information. Here you can track Visits Over Time, Visitor Map, Visitors in Real Time, Length of Visits, and lots of other information.

Visitor Overview
  • The Visitor Overview has lots of information about your visitors over time.
  • To view the Visitor Overview, hover your mouse over Visitors, then click on Overview. Or simply click on Visitors.
  • Here you can see how many people have viewed your website over time, how many unique visitors you've had, and other useful information.