Status Bar

At the bottom of iEditWeb is a status bar that provides information about the current activity and health of the editing system.

Status Text (far left corner)

The status text changes as you work with the editor. The following are the most common types of messages displayed here.
  • When hovering over menu items, it will describe the command the cursor is currently over.
  • Current action taking place during open, preview and publish operations.
  • Idle -- Saving will appear after three minutes of inactivity if there are unsaved changes.
  • Editing will appear when typing and other editing operations are being queued to be saved.


This icon indicates the overall health of your system and the ability for iEditWeb™ to communicate with the server. This icon should change from filled in red to outlined and back to red every few seconds. If it doesn't there is a problem with your Internet connection or computer. You may need to exit iEditWeb™ and resolve the problem or you may lose data.

Heart Beat Status

This dialog box is modeless, meaning you can keep it open while using the iEditWeb™ editor.
  • (A) - Seconds Since Last Successful Heartbeat will normally go up to 5 or 6 and then reset to 0. If it goes to 30, a warning dialog will appear. At this point the ability to communicate with the server is deemed unusable.
  • (B) - Number of queued commands is the amount of items that still need to be processed by the server.