Subscribe Properties (settings)

Click on the Subscribe Application.   The borders will turn red.

Right click on the Subscribe Application.  Drop-down menu will appear.

Select Subscribe.  Then select Subscription Properties.

Subscription Properties Dialog box will appear.

Email address to receive results
type in the email address to send the completed information to
Name to use when not available
when the person does not provide a name, enter the default salutation to address this person by within the email marketing address list.
Confirm Subscription
Check this box to send the person an email to confirm the subscription. Upon receipt of the confirmation email for person, their information will be added to the list selected.
Request Name
Check this box to request their First Name and Last Name.
Request Company
Check this box to request their Company Name
Request Phone
Check this box to request their Telephone Number.
Incorrect Message
When the viewer does not complete the entire form, type the message to display.
Thank You Message
When the viewer completes the form, enter the message to display.


Messages and Bulk Email Settings -- Optional item

Send message to visitor
check this box to confirm that you have a message to send to person who completed the Subscribe form.
From Email Address
enter the email address the message will be ‘from’
From Proper Name
This is the name that will be displayed in the ‘from’ field.  Typtically this is your company name.
Attach Files and Images
Box Checked: This means that ALL images will be attached to the email so the viewer sees the entire message along with any images when message is opened. The disadvantage is that tracking of who viewed the message will be inaccurate. This is because the viewer is not compelled to download the tracking image.

Box Unchecked: This means that when a viewer opens a message the text of the message is visible; however, images, logos, etc. will not be automatically displayed. The viewer's email client will automatically ask the viewer if they wish to download the images. When the viewer says yes, the images are visible. The advantage of this approach is that the viewer is compelled to download the tracking image causing the 'viewed' count in the job log to be more accurate.
Select the message to send
select the email address list to add the completed data into.

Select OK to accept.  Select Cancel to Abort.

Other Handy Information
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Subscribe Properties (settings)
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