How to Upload Images into Glider Application

  • Right click on the Glider Application
  • Dialog box will appear, select Glider
  • Another dialog box will appear, select Glider Panels

Glider Panels dialog box will appear.
  • There are three tabs:  Panel 1, Panel 2 and Panel 3.   These are your panels.
  • The icon above the Panel tabs, is how you:
    • add a panel
    • remove a panel
    • move the panel order.
Add an image into Panel 1
  • Click inside the large white box, your cursor will flash.
  • Click on Image Icon to upload an image in the main button bar or use QuickPanel to drag picture icon into Glider Application. (See How to upload an image to learn more.)
  • Your image is now uploaded into the panel.
  • Right click on the image to set the sizing, image affects, etc.  You may need to crop the image.

Repeat for each panel.

Visit the following to learn more about using the Glider application: